Integrative Community Resource Group is a company dedicated to the inclusion of holistic processes within the health delivery system. ICRG recognizes the value of a broader understanding of health as inclusive of biopsychosocial components. ICRG manages and provides health and healing through a community-based holistically oriented care continuum.

The ICRG care platform includes an Integrative network of traditional and non-traditional holistic providers. ICRG provides:

  • managed care
  • hospital systems
  • workers compensation companies
  • auto carriers
  • self-insured employer groups; and
  • physician managed medical homes
  • an access point to gain higher levels of understanding regarding Integrative medicine and
  • a trusted resource for patient referrals to a network of highly credentialed holistic providers along with basic community resources.

ICRG develops Integrative clinical pathways that help manage pain issues and provides transition management that follows the patient from institutional care into the community in order to provide an Integrative portal of access. ICRG blends case management and holistic care plan development with services delivered through credentialed holistic providers. The ICRG care continuum moves patients toward self- management while lowering patient dependence on opioids and other pharmaceuticals. ICRG develops patient centered, relationship oriented care models that improve clinical outcomes, health literacy and lower global cost.