Advocating for patient access to less invasive more holistic approaches to managing care places ICRG in the middle of the evolution toward integrative health care.

Still today key components of Integrative Care are often not a covered service within our health continuums in America.

Coverage for services like acupuncture, massage or cognitive behavioral therapy are often over looked as viable less invasive solutions to medical issues like chronic pain that plague society. Our current medical system directs patient care through access points that are costly and invasive, while negating or avoiding less risky and less costly holistic options.

ICRG is committed to the cause of Integrative Medicine inclusion within our everyday medical model. The avoidance of these less invasive, less pharmacologically oriented options in treatment planning is short sighted. The need for the integrative medical model is greater today than ever. Patient centered, relationship oriented, health delivery that focuses on therapeutic alliances between provider and patient are our greatest chance of changing unhealthy behavior. ICRG advocates for patient access to common sense, medically managed, integrative care options.

ICRG focuses on educating lawmakers, regulators, medical directors and patients to the value of medically managed integrative health delivery. ICRG knows how to deliver information to policy makers that substantiate the value of the integrative model as both clinically and cost effective.