Payor Group

ICRG provides an integrative community based approach to managing and educating populations of patients with health challenges that are often multi dimensional.

Core to ICRG is that a central function of “Community” is healing. Providing an access point for community based services, which are combined with a network of holistic providers, committed to fundamental quality management approaches and information exchange is the ongoing ICRG practice.

Integrative healthcare delivery requires a multi modal and often multi specialty approach to improve clinical outcomes. The recognition that a person’s biography can affect their biology provides a fundamental base for the development of ICRGs integrative care planning.

ICRG integrates existing care plans into its holistic delivery model and provides whole person, system integrated care planning supported by a credentialed network of Integrative providers.

ICRG provides to payor groups Integrative care plan development via Nurse case managers, Nurse practitioners and Integrative physicians.

Integrative care planning is ever evolving and is inclusive of patient and provider feedback and outcome measurement.

Combining acupuncture with cognitive behavior therapy might be the right solution for a patient struggling with chronic back pain, especially if that patient had a history of abuse or family origin issues. Massage and Tai chi may be the correct course of action for another patient with chronic back pain. Strength conditioning and interventional pain management combined with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy may be the best course for an injured worker with a predisposition to depression. The same patient could prefer and opt for a less pharmacological approach seeking self-management techniques like deep breathing and mindful meditation, which are supported within the integrative continuum. The essence of Integrative approaches to healing is that each patient presents with a unique set of clinical, cultural, social, economic and behavioral issues and therefore clinical pathways are often different for patients that have seemingly similar clinical presentations.

Integrative pathways and resource needs can vary amongst patient populations often due to patient history, coverage issues and approved pathways within the payor or referring organization. ICRG works with these organizations to garner support from clinical affair committees while working within and often expanding clinical coverage approvals.


ICRG providers participate in a community of holistic providers all who have demonstrated a commitment to working inclusively with other providers to manage and measure outcomes of integrative approaches to health and healing.


ICRG provides the platform and portal of entry for risk bearing entities like Health Plans, accountable care organizations, medical homes and other third party payer sources to access providers and care planning processes in accordance with traditional regulatory and accrediting guidelines.


ICRG consults with Hospitals and other risk bearing industries to better develop each organizations internal clinical guidelines and garner internal leadership support for inclusion of Integrative Medical approaches.

ICRGs provides a network of community based, patient centered, integrative approaches to health and healing while assisting community stakeholders like hospitals, medical homes and insurance organizations to develop care planning policies and referral procedures that improve clinical outcomes and meet the demands of the accrediting and regulatory environment.