Integrative Community Resource Group drives health system changes by including less invasive, less pharmacological oriented providers within a community-based Integrative model.

ICRG develops community-based networks of holistic providers like acupuncturist, massage therapist, nutritional experts, chiropractors, naturopaths, and holistically oriented MD’s and DO.s.

These community-based providers are credentialed to very high standards and then integrated with local insurors and payor groups as a system solution to significant public health issues.

Each credentialed provider is given the opportunity, but is not required, to participate in care models developed for various payor types. The delivery model for a workers compensation patient may vary from the model for a disease specific commercial patient or product as could the reimbursement levels. All models of care are implemented with patient centered goal orientation processes and with the understanding that attended therapies and relationship oriented health delivery combined with appropriate health education dramatically increases patient compliance and improves clinical outcomes.

Credentialing Process

  1. Applicant fills out the provider questionnaire and will be contacted by ICRG once the initial provider standards have been confirmed.
  2. The credentialing process begins and is inclusive of a multi-page credentialing application.
  3. Once submitted and source verified, the provider receives an ICRG provider contract.
  4. Once the contract is executed the credentialing process continues with an in-service and a site visit by a Registered Nurse.
  5. Credentialing is completed once the community based credentialing committee approves the application which cannot happen until the site visit and in-service are completed, contract is executed and all provider information has been source verified.

Initial Minimum Standards

For providers seeking credentialed status in the ICRG network:

  • The provider has been licensed for a minimum of three years along with a minimum of three years of practice experience
  • Beyond the initial standard the provider must then be credentialed by ICRG to exceed National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) guidelines when applicable and
  • Be reviewed and approved by a credentialing committee represented by provider peers in the community.


ICRG values and understands the issues with many small holistic practices in terms combining the art and science of healing with clinical documentation and the mainstream rigors of day to day business. All ICRG contracts and patient management processes are developed with simplicity for the provider in mind.


ICRG develops holistic networks in areas where opportunities for integration are imminent. If you were referred by ICRG or a colleague to this site its most likely that ICRG is developing an opportunity with an institutional Payor in your area.


ICRG is a company dedicated to building community based holistic resources for patients, providers and payor groups. Delivering true patient centered care is what ICRG is all about. Integrating patient-centric holistic care models with modern traditional medicine is the ongoing challenge and ever evolving goal as Integrative Community Resource Group continues to develop and deliver common sense solutions for healthier communities.